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Guangdong YongGuang New Energy Design Consulting Co., Ltd. was established in April 2016, registered in Shunde district, Foshan city, Guangdong province. Guangdong YongGuang New Energy is committed to research and development and technical services, the photovoltaic technology is a professional photovoltaic system solutions integrators. Main business for the photovoltaic power station project consultation, feasibility study, engineering design, power plant testing, project acceptance and trading evaluation, etc., provide one-stop systematic professional services.

Guangdong YongGuang New Energy deep photovoltaic industry, promote the resource integration, and the solar energy research institute of sun yat-sen university and guangdong shunde and a number of industry in product quality supervision and inspection institute of authority signed a strategic cooperation agreement, give full play to the photovoltaic (pv) key laboratory of guangdong province, the distributed photovoltaic engineering technology research center and sun yat-sen university graduate student cultivation base three platform resource advantage, the company has rapidly grown into professional photovoltaic system solutions integrators, as the industry continues to provide efficient and sound professional services.

Guangdong YongGuang New Energy team members have rich experience in actual combat, team has more than 30 people, of which Dr. 1, 5 master's and a registered electrical engineer 5, 6 senior engineers and field more than 20 experienced engineers; More than 10, the expert advisory team of senior advisers, three senior industry expert advisor of eight. Core team members work in the photovoltaic system technology for a long time, many times as national, provincial scientific research project, involved in making a number of national standards, industry standards and local standards and enterprise standards, has several national patents authorization.

In today's global economy rapid development, expanding new energy market, Guangdong YongGuang New Energy fully analyze the prospect of the photovoltaic system development at home and abroad and the development trend of market environment, actively implement the powerful marketing strategy, carry out customer supreme service idea, is committed to YongGuang New Energy into the first brand of the photovoltaic power station in south China technical service!

Add:Room 1201-1203, building 2, chechuang real estate Plaza, No. 1 Cuizhi Road, fengsha village, Daliang street, Shunde District, Guangdong Foshan City