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YongGuang New Energy provides megawatt class photovoltaic power plants, electrical, structural, power grid access design and other services, and provide installation guidance services during construction.

The team completed more than 1000 photovoltaic power plant design projects, a total installed capacity of more than 500MWp.
The more large-scale power plants: Guangdong Fuhua Machinery City 30MWp photovoltaic demonstration project; Guangdong Shunde branch boat Liansu 10MWp distributed photovoltaic power generation project; Zhaoqing Jun 10MWp distributed photovoltaic engineering design; Guangdong Midea kitchen division 13MWp photovoltaic power generation projects, etc. Guoyue Yanggang Xitou 30MWp complementary photovoltaic photovoltaic power generation projects.

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