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YongGuang New Energy is offering:
Basic information of photovoltaic power plants nationwide, Photovoltaic power station documents and data due diligence, Quality inspection of photovoltaic power station, Overall performance evaluation of photovoltaic power station and Suggestions for improvement of photovoltaic power station, One-stop photovoltaic power station evaluation.
Based on the capital market for photovoltaic power plants, photovoltaic power plant investment Finance Companies and photovoltaic power plant holders, provide professional power assets assessment services, business model innovation. The implementation of power transaction evaluation package, carry out capital operation of photovoltaic power station.

At present, 500MWp station has been evaluated, including Shenxian 20MWp Sheng mushroom technology in photovoltaic power generation project; a project of Guangxi state farms Ming Yang farm agriculture photovoltaic greenhouse project detection and evaluation services etc..

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